Sunday, 18 December 2011


after 6 months of traveling,
over 15 000kms,
in 1 van

to 7 different countries,
through 12 countries, 
with 7 people becoming family 
with over 100 group hugs,
and 1 God blessing us enormously

it has sadly come to an end.

It is hard to put into words
the incredible times we have all had.
and all the ways that God has taken care of us.
and how we have all changed and grown in Him
and what God has shown us
and the people we have met
and the way we love one another
and the fun times we have had

but we thank God continually for all these things.
none of us will ever forget transit team.

we are all excited to go home/back to life hope but please contiue to pray for us as we figure out and wait patiently for God to show us where we are to go in our next stages of life.

thank you everyone who followed us through this journey, and for all your love and prayers.
we love you all.

fare thee well.

(kristie said she might update when she gets home. who knows if that will happen, but just so you keep your eyes peeled. it aint over till it's over ;))

Thursday, 15 December 2011

....Farewell Finale....

As we approach our FINAL 3 days of this amazing journey, I will be taking us on a stroll down memory lane.  

July 2011 Transform Conference in Rome, Italy


Happy Birthday Quenny! December 5, Algarve, Portugal.

After 2 solid days of driving (12 hours per day) we arrived safely at our destination in southern Portugal on the 1st of December. God has been so amazing to us, protecting and providing every step of the way.
During the past 2 weeks we have had the priviledge of being part of and serving 5 churches. 4 of these churches are led by and largely populated by Brazilians. There are many Brazilians in Portugal, and Brazilian missionaries have come spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and build His church.
These Brazilians are amazing, passionate people. They were so kind, so welcoming, so hospitable and taught us a lot about what it means to love like Christ has loved us.

Quentin Van Winden Reporter

Quentin Van Winden reporting live from Porto, Portugal

Hey everyone! How are we?
Before I precede I'd like to sincerely and formally apologise on behalf of the team for our lack of updating. We do very much appreciate all of you who support us, follow us and pray for us. While we could come up with many reasons for our tardiness in this matter, we have no real excuse.We hope you can forgive us and we can move past this together.