Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Here we go...

Representing 5 countries from 5 different continents, 7 people in a Ford Transit Van named Mr Chunkers. (the girls named it, sorry). An experience of a lifetime. God help us. We have 2 Americans, 2 Australians, a South African, South Korean and then someone that says she is from Trinidad and Tobago but no one actually knows where this is or if it possible to find on a map.
Each individual brings something different to the team, we are yet to discover what that actually is, but with time this will all be revealed.
We have seen how God has blessed our team with unity and the ability to deal with any conflict by 'hugging it out'.
So let's introduce the team:
Anna from the Lost Country of Trinindad and Tobago, Krista from the USA, Sara from Australia, Carrie from the USA. That's the girls.
From the guys side we have Sungkwang Doo from South Korea, Jaco from South Africa and Quentin from Down Under (Tasmania, Australia).


  1. look at you - there, in the picture! over on the other side of the world! it's amazing!
    subscribing to your rss right now :)

  2. hey! praying for you all, so good to see you've made it! Looking forward to hearing more stories about Mr Chunkers and the work you're doing :)

  3. Howdie! Praying for you and for your loving boldness in your witness. I'm also praying for your strength - remembering HE is our strength! Go and be bold and courageous. Do not fear or be dismayed for the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9