Thursday, 20 October 2011

As we drive along the bumpy roads of North Croatia, we see children run alongside our van just as one would see in the movies. These children are so excited to see their faithful friend, Patricia - a lady who lives and breathes the grace of God as she visits these children in the Roma camps weekly. There are 700 children in one village - more than half the population of that village.

Little curious faces watch us as we pull up, wondering what these strange people are doing in their village. As soon as we get out of the van with a soccer ball, the boys are ready to play. Little girls carry their baby sisters around, taking as good care of them as possible. They flock to the camera and laugh gleefully as their photos are taken. For many, it is the first time they have been able to see their gorgeous little faces.
Sharing God’s love with these children who are so quickly neglected by others was a wonderful experience. We told them Bible stories and much to their joy, sang a song in their language. The smiles on their faces filled us with a sadness as we realised that they had nothing - not even the most important thing, Jesus Christ - in their hearts.

Our hearts break for these children who just want to be loved and cared for. More than anything they need to know that God loves them, that they have a hope - something that is so much more than this world can offer, something that will last. That they have a Father that loves them perfectly. Just how they are.
Not being able to speak their language was one of the hardest things but showed us all the importance of showing love through actions (1 John  3:18)

How powerful God’s love is. It knows no bounds. No language barrier will stop His love from penetrating through to the heart. What a big and glorious God we have. What a big and important job we have.

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