Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gud älskar oss

Here we are in good ole Sweden, it's a beautiful country that is in need
of Jesus. As you walk down the streets you can feel the emptiness of the
country. We are working with two churches here that have taken us in and
loved us. Some of the ministries we have been involved in is: kids and
youth clubs, a book table and any other church ministries.

Our first night in Sweden we had to travel twenty minutes or so to a
meeting a town over. Along the way we hit some road blocks. It was
raining, we got lost, the map was difficult to read, then our group got
separated. We had one map-so the group without a map was lost. The
adventure of Jaco, Anna, Krista an Sara starts here. We didn't know where
we were going but we decided that we would try to find the church. Since
we were lost we thought 'why not prayer walk' so off we went on our
prayer walk. While we were praying we saw this girl and asked her for
directions. She started talking with us and told us her name, lets call
her Judy. She is Swedish but has Kurdish background, seventeen and a
Muslim. As we were chatting with her we found out that she attended
church sometimes. Her mom has two bibles and that she is very friendly
and open to the gospel. Sara then asked her if she needed prayer for
anything and to our amazement she said 'YES.' She told us to prayer for
her family who was going through a very difficult time. When we finished
she told us that her heart felt flooded. We encouraged her to read the
book of Luke and pray to Jesus. We felt that even though we got lost and
our friends were worried about us, that the Lord sent us there to meet
her ' Divine Appointment'.
Yesterday was the kids club! We were all so excited to go to the park and
share with the children the Gospel. We did some face painting, games and
had a pretty cool clown to attract the kids. When it was time to start
the programme we only had about six kids. We didn't know what to expect
but we were like "Okay, Lord, please bring more children." We don't
mind sharing the gospel with six kids but we want more to hear about You.
Then to our amazement the parents started joining us with their kids. All
 these women are from Iran, Somali, Russia, India, Kurds and all of them
are muslims, or have some type of muslim background. In total we must
have had about thirty moms and kids together. They stayed for the whole
program and they told us that they enjoyed everything! We thank God so
much for bringing and keeping them through the whole show, that they got
the opportunity to hear he gospel and that afterwards they were asking
questions. We know that the seed that was planted in them and that God
will continue to water that seed!

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