Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Our First Grand God Story!

God has been revealing himself in many miraculous ways...
This is Quentin's story:

On our last night in St. Ives, God did some amazing things. Here is just one of them:

On this particular Saturday night, the church we were partnering with was holding a musical production about the life of Simon Peter. Our team was helping out with various things during the night. I was welcoming people at the front door. During the production a man named Bob wandered in, drawn by the music that was floating out on to the street.
He came in, sat down and watched the musical unfold. Most of it was singing, with some acting and reading of the Bible. At some point Bob got up and left, and as he was leaving I was able to talk to him. He began to tell me many different things. He told me about his guilt in life and how he was struggling with many things, but also how he had felt a strange peace as he sat in the church. He told me he had cried while he was watching and something had really touched his heart.
As the conversation unfolded, I realised there was something very wrong with this man. He began to say very aggressive and demonic things. At points he was saying something was inside him making him do evil things. I told him that God could help him and that Jesus Christ had power and authority over satan and demons.  He began mocking me, getting very close to me and acting very aggressively.
I guided Bob a short distance away from the church, and began to pray for him. As I was praying for him, a team member and also a man from the church ‘appeared’. Talking to them later about why they came to that place at that time, the only explanation was that God miraculously directed them.
As the three of us prayed for Bob, God freed him from the evil spirit living in him! It was a very, very intense experience. We could hear the evil spirit, a horrible sound, and Bob was very violent as we held him and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ.
Then there was peace. Bob lay face down on the pavement and all strength left him. We continued to pray and after some time Bob got up, a completely different man. He was hugging and kissing us, in utter amazement at the feeling he was experiencing. He described feeling light and completely free. We spent some more time with him, trying to explain what had happened and the message of the Gospel. I left him with a gospel tract and we got his details from him in order that the church could follow him up.
 Please praise God for his mercy. Please pray that Bob would be protected from the powers of evil and would come to trust in Him who set him free that night, and Him who has set us free from sin, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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