Thursday, 18 August 2011

Moving On and Praising God

After St Ives we went to OM Lifehope in England, for training. We spent the time at the base doing team building exercises, studied different religions, figured out our personalities and how we work as a team. We also went out into the community and did some ministry, including a book table and handing out tracts. We got the privilege of going to Quinta, England to learn presentation skills, as well as being able to go to WALES!

During our time at the base we got the opportunity to go and visit a church of a couple we met in St Ives. What a wonderful day! Some members of the church made lunch for us and completely spoiled us the whole day. The church welcomed us with open arms and hearts. We talked, sang, and shared with them what God has been during through our team over the last couple of weeks. God blessed us amazingly! After church, we went back to the couples home for dinner. We enjoyed a great game of golf and danced in the kitchen with the ladies. It was an incredible day and we thank God for putting them in our path. We were truly blessed that day!


  1. Hello Coop! :) Missing you but praying for you and the team often! WOW! It's so thrilling to see/read what GOD is doing in and through you all. Keep on striving for JESUS and seeking HIS FACE and giving HIM all the glory and then just step back and watch the GOD-works explode! LOVE you so! Joy :)

  2. Hey team, great to meet with you all at Lifehope. Looking forward to connecting in Croatia. Praying you will have a great time serving and being served in Sweden. Stay safe and well.