Sunday, 27 November 2011


The last two weeks our team has been working at a homeless shelter in Paris. It is a place for the men and women to eat, get clothes, claim as their address, and hear about the word of GOD! Everyday at five and six o'clock we serve them dinner. Before the meal begins we sing, share a testimony, or read from the scripture and pray for the meal. After we get done serving the food we walk around and talk with the men and women. God blessed us with many ENGLISH speakers that we could communicate with! Praise the Lord! I met a man from Africa who spoke very good English. As we began to speak he opened up and told me about his life. He got fired from his job, he lost his wife and kids, he has no house or money, and in order for him to try and get another job he has to have a certain type of paperwork. I did not fully understand the situation with the paperwork but I asked if I could pray that he would get the paperwork he needed if it was the Lord's will. He said "YES!"

The following Thursday he came to the shelter again. We were talking about his day and he told me had been reading the book of John. I was pleasantly surprised! I then remembered about the paperwork and asked him how that was going and I got the best answer! "I got my paperwork because of God!" How exciting it was to see that man understand it is our Lord and Savior who does EVERYTHING for us! Please continue to pray for France and the lives we met this week. They are searching and God is doing awesome things in France!


  1. What a praise!
    Praying for you all.
    Tell CARRIE hi!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha! I just want to laugh because God is soooo good! Using us in small ways to reveal His glory to others, and we sometimes even get to witness that! He is amazing!

  3. The team prayed for you today on the last leg of your journey before Portugal. Hope you have a great time seeing God move in another country!