Wednesday, 16 November 2011

changed heart

We had the most amazing time in italy. This is one of many stories of how God blessed us and our conversations.
We were privilidged to be able to work with 4 of the girls from the church who took us into their universities to have book tables and just chat with the students.
The first time we went into the university there was a class of international students’ who didnt speak any Italian, which as you can imagine was perfect. At the end of the class I was able to talk to one of the guys in the class. This man at first wasn’t interested in taking a gospel tract as he was an atheist. However throughout the conversation God changed His heart as I told him the gospel. We spoke about why there was sin in the world and what God had done to fix it. The confidence the man once had in his belief was stripped from him as God broke down the barriers of what he once thought was true. At the end of the conversation I was able to give him a bible as he asked me which one he should read and which one was the truth. I told him to pray that God would reveal himself to him. It was amazing to see this man go from completely against the idea of there being God to wanting a bible to read and considering the idea of praying to Him, praise God.
Please continue to pray for this man.

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  1. Now that is exciting! Praise Jesus! I am soooo excited to hear stories like this one! I am praying for you guys! Jesus is amazing and so good to let us see him working so clearly :)))