Friday, 18 November 2011

God is good - all the time

I went to Italy for a 2 week outreach with very little idea about what I would be doing. I had questions about how God would use me and how effective my time would be. I didn’t know the language or the culture, and I certainly knew nothing about the ministry of the church we were to work with. But I trusted God, because He knows I want to serve Him and He wants to use me to bring glory to Himself.
On Friday morning I went with 2 girls from the local church to the university where they are studying. We went armed with a small table, evangelistic literature and the desire to share the Good News. God gave me amazing opportunities. I met some students who spoke English. They were so warm and friendly and were genuinely interested in me and the message I had to share. As we were leaving they asked to see us again and we jumped at the chance.
The following Thursday the 2 girls and I met 3 of the students for coffee. We some spent time laughing and getting to know each other a little more before turning the conversation to the real reason we had come to meet them. I knew that I would probably never see them again and I had a burning desire for them to hear and understand the Gospel. As they were conversing in Italian I looked around me and had an idea to use the things on the table to help explain the Gospel to them. Starting with creation, I began to share with them God’s love for mankind and the coming judgement. I used the napkin holder to represent God (it was the biggest thing on the table) and various other items to help them understand.
It was such a privilege to have that opportunity. One of the girls translated for me and the 3 students listened intently and asked questions about things they disagreed with. I could see that they were really considering what they heard.
One of the students wants to know more. He has arranged to study the Bible with the girls! While this may be quite ‘normal’ in the country I come from, it is not in Italy. This is a miraculous answer to prayer, praise God! Another student we met also expressed the desire to study the Bible. Again, praise God! Please pray for these 2 young men, and also for the girls, that they would have sufficient courage and wisdom.

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